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Transport & Accommodation

Transport & Accommodation

On many occasions, our clients rely on our expertise to arrange their secure transportation and accommodation on an international scale.

Our Transportation and Accommodation Services


VIP Airport Facilities, Executive Jets, Helicopters, Luxury Yachts, Hotels, Entertainment reservations are just a few of the services available. This allows our clients to concentrate on their business and personal affairs.

Corporations, Small Businesses and Private individuals face an ever-increasing threat from terrorists, criminals, racists and the mentally unstable. When a situation such as kidnapping, assassination, blackmail, industrial espionage and publicity arises the need for Close Protection (Close Protection specialist is the industry standard title for the more commonly used term of Bodyguard made popular in the media) is paramount. In accordance with SIA specifications, the aim of Brigade Security is to provide highly trained, professional, fully vetted and insured security operatives and teams for an extensive range of specialised security services. Giving total security solutions to both the public and private sectors and ensuring that our clients receive a security and consultancy service second to none. Security specialists such as Close protection and VIP/Executive security officers are often referred to as “Bodyguards” but the modern day Close Protection officer needs to be more than just the old fashioned “Bodyguard”. Executives, VIP’s and Media personalities no longer tolerate the stereotypical untrained “giant” when it comes to personal safety, requiring their personal security operatives to be well mannered, intelligent and able to discreetly deal with any situation should it arise.

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