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Residential and Office Security

Residential and Office Security

With the ever-increasing level of violence used in crimes such as robbery, racist intimidation and terrorism many individuals no longer feel safe within the confines of their home or workplace. Brigade Security Consultants can provide individuals or dedicated security teams for the protection of clients and their families at various locations, such as Family residences, Corporate offices and Hotel accommodation whilst travelling.

Residential and Office Security


Security is provided with complete professionalism and discretion, allowing our clients and families to conduct their business and personal lives in an unobstructed manner, in the knowledge that they are secure at all times. The placement of a Residential, Office or Hotel security team also incorporates a consultancy and survey service to ascertain the requirements of any improvements such as electronic security devices, CCTV cameras and Access control systems.

Brigade Security Consultants have its own independent company to assess the property perimeters as well as the building interiors for security weaknesses and they will provide a detailed assessment and any recommendations for any security breaches in your security system and threats against your premises.

In accordance with SIA specifications, the aim of Brigade Security is to provide highly trained, professional, fully vetted and insured security operatives and teams for an extensive range of specialised security services. Giving total security solutions to both the public and private sectors and ensuring that our clients receive a security and consultancy service second to none.

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